Ingraham claims Biden administration sees Afghan refugees as 'cheap labor and easy votes'

16September 2021

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Laura Ingraham said President Biden is “flooding America” with a future political constituency Thursday on “The Ingraham Angle,” claiming he was doing so without regard to the wants and needs of the American citizens.

“The American people have been voting since 2008 for presidents to stop the never-ending wars in the Middle East – little did anyone know that under Biden, that would just mean bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, it would mean bringing Afghanistan here,” she said.

“According to Axios, the Biden administration yesterday informed governors and mayors in 46 states to get ready to welcome the first group of about 37,000 afghan refugees. Nearly 5,300 for California, 4,500 for Texas, nearly 2,000 for Washington, and so on. By the way, that number is just for starters. In a recent budget request, the Biden administration asked Congress for funds to resettle a total of – I hope you’re sitting – 160,000 refugees through September of 2022.”

“We’ve kind of gone from we need to get the translators and interpreters out, to ‘we need to bring everyone who wants to come from Afghanistan here to the United States’, stat,” she said.

Ingraham noted that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, whom she described as untrustworthy given his “backchannel” with China and assurances Afghanistan wouldn’t totally collapse, has assured Americans the feds’ vetting process is sound.

That, however, flies in the face of several reports of criminals slipping through, including a robbery convict, and a rapist who made it as far as Dulles Airport in Virginia.

“Trump used common-sense measures to do things like control the border and in doing so, saving lives, money, and American jobs, but Biden came in and blew it all up,” she said.

“They knew exactly what would follow. Like we are seeing in Afghanistan, a mass of humanity coming to the United States because for them, neither of these things is a crisis. They are opportunities, an opportunity to fundamentally transform the country, grow a dependency on government programs and build a new constituency.”

“And as the tragedy unfolds, we are not supposed to raise any questions, not about the migrants or the refugees. We are supposed to smile and put up one of those ‘hate has no home here’ annoying yard signs.”


Ingraham added that most Americans have no hostility toward the actual Afghans fleeing, but instead the politicians like Biden who are letting them in largely unfettered and likely in hopes of cynically changing the political landscape to Democrats’ benefit in years to come.

“Our anger is towards a selfish leadership and the entire leadership class that can never get enough of cheap workers, can never do enough to lower wages for hardworking Americans, that pays no attention to our laws or cares about the good people who happen to actually live here and welcomed Ilhan Omar into the country, by the way,” she said.

“Biden and his team don’t care about these refugees. They just see them as fodder for cheap labor and easy votes. That’s why we are angry.”

She noted that some top Republicans, like Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah and Joni Ernst of Iowa, are joining with Democrats to urge America to accept these thousands of newcomers:

“They are wonderful. They supported our men and women in uniform, they love America, they are hard workers, we would love to welcome them into the state,” said Ernst, in a clip played by Ingraham – while Romney claimed the U.S. has a “moral responsibility” to accept these individuals.


“They can all live in one of your houses, then, Mitt,” Ingraham responded.

“Where is the pushback to this insanity? As usual, most in the GOP are MIA  … Virtue signaling politicians and activists say we must take as many of the “at-risk Afghans” as we can because we made them a promise. First of all, who made that promise? Was a law passed stipulating that if the Afghans couldn’t hold off the Taliban we would take them all in? Or anyone who could make it over the fence and into a plan? I didn’t see that anywhere.”

This post was originally published on this site

This post was originally published on this site

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